The Guitar

One By One, Two By Two

The group from AISL who attended a workshop with John in October 2009

Getting out of the Rains!

The rains arrive abruptly here in Lusaka!

Madame Mwanza, welcomes us

Love Grows

The rains are coming!

A group of students from our American International School of Lusaka visited a school in Bauleini on behalf of John Farrell and another pen pal class from the states. The head teacher, Madame Mwanza, her staff and pupils were so excited to have us come to the school. John visited this school for a short concert while he was here in October. He was moved by the enthusiasm of the children and the kindness of the staff. When John returned to the states he and the pen pal school who write back and forth with this group set about to raised the funds necessary to purchase a new guitar for their music program. Unfortunately we were only 20 minutes in to the program and the thunder cracked and then the rains came pouring down! We had to run for cover (check out the pictures). The ten students who made the presentation were in a music workshop with John while he was here. They first sang "Love Grows" then "We are Walking" in four languages -if it weren't for the rain they were going to sing There Are Many Different Languages. They were disappointed not to get to sing it. When they started to teach We are Walking the kids in Prince Takamado school started to sing along -they remembered the song too! The kids from AISL and Prince Takamado have definitely built another "Bridge of Peace and Hope"! Here are a few of the better photos.